Top 3 South Korean Beauty and Wellness Spas


Shangpree Spa

During my recent trip to Seoul, I experienced an incredible full body and facial treatment at Shangpree Spa. The treatments of the award-winning spa are rooted in the elements of traditional Korean herbs and Eastern medicine. Ingredients including green tea for detoxing and charcoal for measuring balance.

The Charcoal body mask, started with professional aestheticians slathering a charcoal cream all over my body. In just moments, the charcoal would heat up the parts of my body with strong circulation while the my hands and feet remained cold due to low circulation. The body mask provides a benchmark for what type of treatment I should receive. Shangpree Spa will fill your soul and restore your body with the mantra of beauty from the inside out.


Spa Lei

The traditional Korean bathhouse experience includes various types of saunas and pools as well as an opportunity to get completely scrubbed down from head to toe. The full body scrub down is comparable to the treatment at a traditional Moroccan hammam. The Korean bathhouse, called jjimjilbang, typically offers multiple rooms with themed saunas like salt, charcoal, and stone and pools of hot water, cold water, and sea water.

Korean bathhouses are usually split up so men and women can completely strip down to embrace the sensuality of each the scrub massages, saunas and pools. Spa Lei is an all women’s spa and cannot be missed while touring Seoul.


Kwangdong Hospital of Traditional Korean Medicine

Kwangdong Hospital offers a variety of acupuncture treatments from cupping to moxibustion and an herbal medicine steaming treatment for pain relief. The hospital prides itself in personalized treatments and Traditional Korean Medicine practices based on the philosophy of improving healthy through strengthening and awakening natural healing forces, your Qi.


QiAlchemy herbal pearls nourish the gut and tonify the digestive tract by using active compounds from herbs and superfoods such as ginger,  licorice root, and ginseng.