Our Story

As a health conscious individual and AADP Board Certified Holistic Health practicioner, I have always dreamed of helping people look and feel their best. And after a recent visit to South Korea, while walking through an herbal market, I was reminded of the traditional Korean herbs my grandmother, a Traditional Eastern Medicine doctor, gave me as a child.

Until the age of 10, I was prone to unexplainable chronic illnesses and overwhelming lethargy, causing me to miss many days of school. My grandmother began feeding me Korean herbs and after 8 months of taking these traditional Korean herbs, my energy and immunity improved and my illnesses disappeared.

With QiAlchemy, I hope to share these functional herbal blends, that have proven to be so beneficial for me personally, with health and wellness progressives around the world.

Inspired by the organic herbs straight from South Korea and in collaborating with a highly respected Traditional Korean Medical doctor with over 40 years of clinical experience, QiAlchemy shares the highest-quality functional herbal blends rooted in ancient medicine with the modern world.

With gratitude & love,