Korean Wellness Tea Ceremony & Health Coaching

Learning from Korean medical and holistic practitioners, I believe our cultural habits give us the ability to promote a healthy and vital life. As a strong advocate of Functional Medicine and cross-culturalism, I practice what I call K-Wellness (Korean Wellness); an integration of modern medicine and ancient Korean lifestyle practices so that together we can create your own personal health care plan. No one person is the same so this integrative approach takes into account your mind, body, emotional wellbeing as well as Qi, your vital energy rooted in Eastern medicine.


I'm here to help you with your Qi

Managing Stress
Build effective habits to manage stress so that it doesn't compromise your health, productivity and sleep
    Nourish your body and mind effectively by taking proper nutrition without depriving yourself
      Healthy Habits
      Understand and combat your cravings to learn and build healthier habits
        Work/Life Balance
        Discover the confidence to create the life you want and the (self)love you deserve
          Optimal Health
          Learn approaches to achieve and maintain your ideal weight and body
            More Energy
            Increase your energy, decrease your stress and improve your sleep
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