4 Alternative Weekly Workouts

Now, more than ever, it is important to find healthy spaces and routines. Social distancing leaves many people cooped up in their homes, and this stagnation can lead to questionable mental health. It is important to still find ways to get out of the house, and continue a workout. The changing of space and endorphins  that we create through exercise allow us to function better, especially in times like these. Alternative methods and locations for working out are possible, and just maybe more healthy and enjoyable than before.

1. Surfing 

If you live near the ocean and can find a $40 foam board on Amazon, then why not give surfing a try! Surfing  is a unique sport due to the connection with nature involved in the exercise. Even just paddling out into the water is a workout for your upper back, arms and core. When you get to standing up, you're working your legs! There is a certain understanding of the ocean, tides, and water currents that a good surfer must understand. The whole process makes for a great work out, while bringing you closer to nature--which has unlimited benefits .

2. Sunrise and Sunset Nature walk 

One of the most beneficial aspects of exercising is the routine that it creates for your body. Routine is very important in helping with a person's productivity and even state of mind. Going on a walk every sunrise and sunset, although trying at first, can create a rhythm for your body that allows you to maximize productivity! Being outside and getting fresh air, preferably surrounded by nature is 100% beneficial to health, always.

3. Hike

Want to take a nature walk to the next level? Try a hike!  Planning out a trail is always a good way to start, but seeing where it takes you can also be fun! Going with a friend can make it a more fun and safe option as well.

4. Rock Climbing/ Bouldering 

This activity is slightly underrated, although it is one of the best workouts out there! It is not only challenging for the body, but also the brain. Rock climbing requires a huge attention to detail and strategy when choosing the most effective way to get from point A to point B on a hike. Go to a local area where there are rocks to climb, or find an outdoor rock climbing center near you. You may find it empty, as not too many think of this as a workout!

5. Dance!

When in doubt, dance. Dancing is one of the best ways to workout because of how it isn’t just a workout, it is art! Dancing is a form of self expression that also helps release tension in the body. It is great for strengthening certain muscles   depending on the kind you decide to do. Put a favorite playlist on a loudspeaker, and go somewhere you can feel good about having a dance. Whether that be in the dark, outside in a flower field, or your living room.


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Written by Isabella Cammarata 


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