5 Supplements That Keep Me Healthy While Traveling

Digestive Problems: Qi Alchemy Herbal Pearls

I don't typically don't pay much attention to my gut (let's be honest, it's probably our least sexy body part) but I'm aware that this often-overlooked organ actually plays a huge part in my wellbeing, as it's where we absorb nutrients and maintain much of our immune system. Frequently when I travel it's also the first thing that's disrupted. I recently discovered QiAlchemy, a blend of organic herbs administered by a Traditional Korean Medicine Doctor that help me restore balance when my digestive system is feeling out of whack. Using a daily vial of these easy-to-carry herbal pearls helps me feel nourished and alleviates issues like nausea and indigestion with ingredients like ginger, organic honey, ginseng and magnolia bark.