Red Ginseng, King of all Herbs

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Herbal Pearl Benefits

Red ginseng and herbal blends with ancient roots providing exceptional quality and efficacy

Supports a Healthy

Panax ginseng (aka red ginseng) contains bioactive compounds called ginsenosides (or saponins) that contain the highest medicinal properties supporting your immune system. It has been one of the most important components in many East Asian herbal remedies. See the studies and science here.
Helps Boost
Saponins in ginseng, as well as potassium and B12, may help relieve fatigue. In addition, red ginseng supports a healthy gut, in which helps manage the body's energy. B12 in ginseng further improves energy production and reduces the feeling of fatigue. See studies and science here.

Fermented red ginseng extract has been effective in reducing wrinkles and enhancing whitening. See studies and science here.

Helps Reduce

Ginsenosides may be responsible for targeting pathways in the immune system that could reduce inflammation. See studies and science here.

Helps with

Ginsan, a polysaccharide extracted from Korean red ginseng, is an immunomodulator that supports the body's system to significantly increase NK cell cytotoxic activity. Red ginseng also enhances immunity through cytokine production. See studies and science here.


Supports Healthy

Ginsenosides, an active compound in red ginseng, stimulates fat-loss on a molecular level and promotes cell integrity. The antioxidants also support healthy weight management. See studies and science here.

Our bodies know exactly how to create this Qi balance when it has the right amount of nutritional support available. Our bodies were designed to obtain the nutrients we need from the food we eat, but unfortunately, most of us don't consume the right amount of nutrients from our food to reduce our stress levels and inflammation. Ginseng is an ancient root with modern benefits.