An ancient Korean herbal blend, delivered in a single pearl



Our unique blend of organic adaptogenic super herbs is designed to nurture your body's needs and elevate your lifestyle. Our pearls are a modern take on the traditional Korean herbal remedies that have sustained Korean longevity for decades.

What's in our herbal pearls?


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Organic Ingredients Locally Sourced in South Korea


I have a history of gastritis which has flared up recently, and I felt immediate relief after taking two pearls.

Daniel K.

You can tell this product is the real deal when there is a fresh herbal scent. I take a vial every day...sometimes 3x a day when I feel really stressed. It relaxes me in a natural way.

Claudia B.

I've never seen any vitamin or supplement that is unique in ingredients, shape and dosage. I actually look forward to taking herbal pearls.

Lauren R.

These are natural and safe than pharmaceutals on the market. 

Dr. Melanie H.

I was raised by parents who recognized that taking a chemically formulated pill was not the solution to fix one’s ailments or condition, so I tried herbal pearls for a week and I feel less bloated and more calm.

Joanne Y.

I knew I had to try herbal pearls when I heard the herbs are grown in Korea. It's easy to swallow and I am feeling amazing.

Anna T.

I've always had gut/irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). After taking herbal pearls for two weeks, my digestion has been regular. I feel lighter and more energetic!

Edith G.

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