Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about our products, sourcing, our benefits, and how Qi Alchemy came to be

Q: How do you take the herbal pearls?

A: You can take the pearls in 2 different ways:
1) Take it in supplement form by swallowing the pearls with water or
2) Pour 5 pearls in a cup of hot water and let it steep like tea for about 5 minutes and drink as an herbal tea. Note that the pearls will not fully dissolve right away so refilling your cup with hot water will make multiple servings.

Q: How many pearls do I take in one day?

A: We recommend 5 pearls, 2 times daily (1 vial) for the Onyx Ginseng pearls and recommend 6 pearls, 2 times daily (1 vial) for the Vegan Full Moon pearls.

Q: Which herbal pearl should I take?

A: Our Onyx Ginseng pearl is for daily immunity and energy and the Vegan Full Moon pearl is for daily stress management. Try our Starter Duo to sample both and see what works best for your body!

Q: Are the herbal pearls gluten-free?

A: Yes! We are proud to say that our pearls are gluten-free and free from any preservatives, gums, artificial sweeteners or flavors. We are ALL pure & natural!

Q: Where are the herbal pearls made?

A: Our herbal pearls are made in Korea and distributed in the United States. We thoughtfully curated our herbal ingredients around different regions in Korea. The production is done at a state-of-the-art cGMP facility. In order to produce a premium product, our herbal pearls are made with the purest non-GMO ingredients.

Q: Is there sugar in the herbal pearls?

A: Our herbal pearls do not contain any artificial sugar. It contains organic honey to help balance the taste of fermented herbs.

Q: Is it ok to take these with food?

A: Yes, you may have the herbal pearls with or without food.

Korean Red Ginseng

Q: What are the benefits of Korean red ginseng (panax ginseng)?

A: Helps support a healthy immune system + Helps improve energy and focus + Helps support gut health for healthy digestion + Helps support healthy weight management and skin health + Help improve brain function

Q: Why is Korean red ginseng better than other ginseng? 

A: Korean red ginseng, also called panax ginseng, contains unique bioactive properties called saponins or ginsenosides that contain medicinal value like anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation properties which strengthens the immune system, improves cognition, and regulates mood. 

For information on ginseng, check out Mount Sinai’s health library

Q: Why is Korean red ginseng cost more than regular ginseng?

A: The plant of the ginseng root must grow for four to five years before it's ready to be used. We worked really hard to source from ethical farmers and doctors that harvest the ginseng for at least 6 years. There is also a long fermentation and extraction process. We made sure to maintain the efficacy and quality without compromising the taste.


Q: How much is shipping?

A: We offer free shipping on ALL orders nationwide in the United States. Free worldwide shipping will happen soon!

Q: Do you have a brand ambassador program?

A: We do! Please contact us at if you love our herbal pearls and what we do here at Qi Alchemy!

Q: Do you have a wholesale program?

A: We are always looking for great retail partnerships that align with our mission! Please contact us at and one of our specialists will get in touch with you.

Q: How did you come up with the name Qi Alchemy?

A: We fell in love with the Qi philosophy of internal balance, energy and vitality. It's the foundation of Eastern medicine. One of Grace's favorite books is The Alchemist so we decided to combine two words that are deep-rooted and meaningful.

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