5 Reasons Why You Should Take Qi Alchemy Herbal Pearls

Korean traditional remedies have long been an important part of Korean culture. Many years before Western medicine arrived in the country, it was used to cure and prevent disease. More people around the world are growingly aware of the limits of Western approach and turning to alternative forms of medicine. Korean traditional medicine is moving beyond Korea's borders to reach people all over the world. Herbal pearls are a staple in Korean homes and are consumed on a regular basis for several reasons. Here are the five reasons why you should take Qi Alchemy herbal pearls.

You’re Stressed Out

When you’re feeling anxious and overloaded, it’s easy to turn to food to try to cope with your stress. Binging on carbs, salty foods, and sugary drinks might feel good in the moment, but they’ll leave you feeling bloated and even guilty, adding to your stress. Instead of stress eating unhealthy food, treat your body right with our nourishing mix of 22 organic herbs and superfoods. Qi Alchemy pearls are made of a proprietary blend of ingredients that treat symptoms of stress like indigestion, muscle tension, and headaches. In addition, the pearls promote proper digestion, relax your muscles, and relieve physical pain and tension, leaving you feeling lighter and calmer. Not only will you be treating your physical symptoms of stress, but you can also have more peace of mind knowing you are caring for your body and self with organic, natural ingredients. 

You Have Stomach Pain or Digestion Issues

We all suffer from an upset stomach from time to time and some people on a regular basis. Whether the cause is irritable bowel syndrome, menstrual cramps, anxiety, or simply overeating or eating too quickly, abdominal discomfort is both a literal and figurative pain to deal with. Our pearls provide an all natural solution to treat stomach pain like indigestion, inflammation, and bloating using proven herbal remedies that have been around since 3000 BC in Korea. Since they are made of all natural ingredients, you know exactly what you’re putting in your body and there are no chemical additives or artificial ingredients that you have to be concerned about. Furthermore, our pearls not only treat existing physical discomfort, but they can also be used as a preventive measure. Our herbal blend strengthens your gut and regulates digestive functions, helping to decrease the likelihood of an upset stomach in the future. 

Boost Your Immunity while Traveling

While traveling is fun and exciting, the flight and disruption to your normal routine can take a toll on your health and digestive system. In Forbes’ article 5 Supplements That Keep Me Healthy While Traveling, Rana Good recommends bringing our pearls along for a trip to address and prevent digestive problems: “I recently discovered QiAlchemy, a blend of organic herbs administered by a Traditional Korean Medicine Doctor that help me restore balance when my digestive system is feeling out of whack. Using a daily vial of these easy-to-carry herbal pearls helps me feel nourished and alleviates issues like nausea and indigestion with ingredients like ginger, organic honey, ginseng and magnolia bark.” Don’t let an upset stomach prevent you from enjoying your trip. Our eco-friendly and resealable packaging makes our pearls convenient to take with you on the go so you can keep your digestive system in check. You can ask for hot water at an airport coffee shop, on the plane, or at your hotel or airbnb when you arrive and enjoy our nourishing herbal tea anywhere at anytime. Alternatively, you can swallow our pearls like vitamins with water or even chew on them like a fresh herbal mint. 

Being Present in the Moment

These days it seems like everyone is busy. There are long hours to work, side hustles to tend to, friends and family to meet up with, social media to scroll through, cat videos to watch, and other endless ways to spend our time. While you might feel like you should always be on the go or doing something, constantly being preoccupied or distracted means you might not actually be present to enjoy the moment you’re in. We recommend that you set aside 10-15 minutes to sit down, enjoy our herbal tea, and slow down a little. You can use the time to reflect on your life and think about what you’re grateful for. Wellness is not only about nourishing your body with high quality natural ingredients, but it's a holistic lifestyle that also involves nourishing your mind and spirit. Try not to mindlessly browse instagram or look at stress-inducing emails while sipping your tea. Try to avoid putting your tea in a portable mug and chugging it while driving to work or rushing to the subway. There is no quick fix when it comes to wellness. Make it a part of your routine to take some time for self care and really be present to get the full physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of our herbal tea. 

You’re Having Trouble Sleeping At Night

Sleep is essential to our health and well-being and affects our day-to-day functioning and overall quality of life. Unfortunately, many people are either not getting enough hours of sleep or get poor quality rest even if they do sleep through the night. If it’s stress or indigestion that’s keeping you up at night, Qi Alchemy pearls can help with both of those issues as we mentioned above. However, regardless of what it is that might be inhibiting your sleep, ingredients in our pearls like honey, ginseng, ophiopogonis tuber, and magnolia bark have all been shown to help improve sleep. Magnolia bark in particular is especially helpful as it can act as a sedative and help reduce anxiety, putting you in a more relaxed state to prepare for a good night’s rest. Slowly sipping these ingredients in a warm cup of tea is a wonderful way to unwind and enjoy all of the health benefits of our pearls.


Written by Jackie Kim

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