5 Ways Supplements Can Improve Your Skin

Supplements for Skin

We all suffer with skin issues from time to time, preventing us from feeling confident and like ourselves. When we are not receiving enough nutrients, eating poorly, feeling stressed or lacking sleep, it often shows in our skin. Many of us also deal with hormonal acne around menstrual cycles or show signs of skin damage from the sun. Eating a healthy diet and incorporating foods high in vitamins and other nutrients can help alleviate and prevent some of these skin issues. However, it can be difficult to receive all the right vitamins and nutrients through your diet. . Discover just how supplements can improve your skin.

Providing Essential Nutrients

Supplements provide our bodies with the nutrients we may not be receiving regularly from our meals. Important antioxidants such as glutathione and beta-Carotene, along with vitamin E are crucial for skin cell development. Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and it protects us from external dangers. New skin cells are constantly being shed and new ones created. Our skin needs to receive enough nutrients to do its job and stay healthy.

Protecting the Skin

Both antioxidants and vitamins can help prevent skin damage from free radicals caused by smoke, pollution and sunlight. By fighting free radicals, vitamins A and C can help stop the breakdown of collagen, the protein responsible for both skin structure and repair. In addition, omega-3 strengthens the skin providing extra protection against free radicals and aging. 

Helping with Repairing Skin Damage

Fortunately, supplements can also help repair damage already done to the skin. Research has found vitamin C may help treat UV damage. Vitamin C is also a crucial ingredient for the body to produce collagen. As we age, our bodies slowly stop producing collagen. During two observational studies, researchers found participants with higher vitamin C intakes had less skin wrinkling and better skin appearance.

Balancing Hormones and Stress

Stress weakens the immune system making our bodies more susceptible to breakouts. Researchers have discovered a strong link between stress and acne. Taking supplements with ashwagandha, which regulates the adrenal system, can assist in preventing stress-related pimples. In addition, some of us experience breakouts along our chin and jaw line around our menstrual cycle. This can be a form of hormonal acne. Supplements containing maca root can help balance hormones and treat these types of pimples.

Cleansing the Inside of the Body for Glowing Skin

The phrase “beauty starts on the inside” is not just a cliche, but holds true. Acne can be a result of a damaged and unhealthy gut, therefore taking a probiotic is a great place to begin. Similarly, a weakened liver can also be a source of acne. The liver helps remove built-up toxins in the body and if the liver is not doing its job properly, the toxins will find another way of secretion. These toxins then find their way through the skin and result in clogged pores and acne. Bitter herbs generate the liver’s metabolic process which can improve acne. Qi Alchemy Pearls also work to nourish the microbiome and promote a healthy liver.


Written by Grace Maeda

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