Benefits of Bone Broth

Enjoy the Change of Seasons with this Classic Remedy 

Sipping on a hot cup of bone broth is a brilliant way to warm up and enjoy fall, while also keeping your immune system healthy. Bone broth has been consumed for centuries but is gaining more popularity because of its incredible health benefits. Koreans consume bone broth year round and are famous for ox bone soup called Seolleongtang. Along with being rich in nutrients, this elixir is a great source of protein and amino acids that help your body produce collagen. With the rise in popularity, it’s becoming easier to find a warm cup of bone broth at restaurants like Brodo in New York City and health stores like Clover Grocery and Clean Market, although it is possible to make your own with a little patience. 

Bone broth differs from regular chicken or beef stock as it is boiled for usually over sixteen hours compared to regular stock, which takes about four hours. The cooking process for bone broth is much longer, therefore more nutrients from the animal bones and vegetables can be extracted into the stock. If you want to try making Korean style bone broth soup, here is one of my favorite recipes from Maangchi.

Incorporating nutrient-rich foods in your diet will help you boost your immune system for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Bone broth provides essential vitamins and minerals including vitamins A and K as well as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. 

The nutrients found in bone broth are also great for the gut - and a healthy gut is critical for an overall strong immune system. The long cooking time for bone broth allows collagen gelatin to be released from animal bones and ligaments. This makes bone broth a great elixir for those with digestive issues and leaky-gut syndrome. Collagen and gelatin can help restore and connect severed tissue in the gut and fight inflammation. Collagen is additionally great for firming skin, strengthening joints and reducing inflammation. 

Bone broth may appear as just a new wellness trend but our ancestors have been using bone as a staple of their diets for centuries. So let’s return to this ancient remedy for health support. Incorporating bone broth into your diet should not be too difficult as bone broth is delicious just by itself. You could start your mornings with a hot cup of bone broth and Qi Alchemy herbal tea. This elixir is also a great base for soups, noodles and it's even being added to smoothies. Sipping on bone broth or adding it to recipes this fall will not only flavor your meals but also benefit your body. 

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