Benefits of Burdock

The Benefits of Burdock 

There has been a shift in the consciousness of society. Many underlying issues in the country are being put into question at this time. From the BLM movement, to the COVID-19  crisis, we are seeing a lot of different systems exposed.  Healthcare and big pharma are being given an especially skeptical look at this time in regard to national health. 

Even though big pharmaceutical companies' mission seems to be dedicated to helping the general health of the public, it never points to anyone other than itself for an answer. Western society often puts all of its eggs in one basket for cures to health issues; there is a pill for everything nowadays. Many Eastern cultures find cures in natural remedies. Specific foods hold organic healing properties, like the Burdock plant for example.

Burdock ( L. Arctium Lappa ) is a plant most notable to herbalists and health geeks for its roots. In the early stages of the plant's life, about 1-2 years in, all the plant's energy is put into growing the roots of the plant. For this reason, most of the health benefits of Burdock can be found in the root of the plant while it is young. 

Burdock is a remedy for a number of issues. It is a well known bile and is used as a diuretic and digestive aid. It helps to flush out toxins from the body. 

Young burdock plant (best for harvesting the root)



Burdock has a large amount of antioxidants such as quercetinluteolin, and  phenolic acids. These antioxidants help protect against free radicals, which cause damage to cells. 


Burdock can detoxify the body by promoting increased circulation in the bloodstream as well as removing toxins from the blood. 

Clear Skin 

A lot of issues with skin derive from the liver. Our liver gets overwhelmed on how to break down toxins when we eat unhealthy food , and so oftentimes the skin is left to deal with the releasing of toxins because it has pores to let them out. When toxins are released through the skin, we see irritated skin.  Burdock clears the liver out, and so with a clean liver comes clear skin. People with regular acne as well as  eczema and psoriasis can also find solutions in Burdock. 

How to Cook with Burdock

Burdock can be found abundantly in a local Asian supermarket. The brown hearty root is what will be sold, as it is best for cooking. The root has an earthy flavor with a hint of sweet after taste. It can be enjoyed in many different ways. Burdock is used commonly in Korea as a type of tea, which is always a convenient way to take health packed herbs . The herb also works well in cooking  stir fries, braises, and soups. It can also be eaten raw when it is peeled, sliced and slightly marinated with olive oil and salt. Raw Burdock can also be eaten in salads slightly sautéed or raw. 


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Written by Isabella Cammarata

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