Comfort in Chaotic Times

There seems to have been a shift in the cosmos. Or to make it less metaphysical, the world. More life-altering events have occurred in the last few months than we have seen in perhaps decades. Everything feels complicated and chaotic. 

Here at Qi Alchemy, we strongly believe in wellness as a tool to help all individuals feel their best. If people are feeling their best, they can do their best, and when people can do their best, the world can be its best.  

When life is chaotic, everyone needs some form of comfort. One comforting thing in all cultures across the world is tea! There is something about sipping a cup of warm and soothing liquid that makes one feel happy right before bed, or when they wake up in the morning. 

Koreans have been using different kinds of tea for different reasons throughout time. Sweet pumpkin cleanses blood, mugwort helps ease anxiety, and our favorite tea of the week “yuja-cha” is a token comfort tea. 

Yuja cha” is a widely known tea in Korea. “Yuja” is an asian citrus fruit that was brought from China to South Korea. The very particular fruit is often likened to a cross between a lemon and an orange. It is turned into marmalade for the “cha,” which means tea. 

In Korea, Yuja-cha is a go-to comfort tea, along with an immunity booster. The Vitamin C with honey and hot water is soothing for sore throats and uneasy stomachs. It's a common drink when people get sick or have a cold.  

The tea is commonly enjoyed in the winter time but can also be easily enjoyed on summer nights under the stars, or on hot days with some added ice cubes. Yuja-cha has an extremely fresh mix of sweet and sour flavors that make for a light and fruity tea. It is comforting to sip for anyone accustomed to the taste, or those who have grown to love it. 



Written and photographed by Isabella Cammarata 

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