5 Energizing Adaptogens and Herbs

Energizing Adaptogens

Frequently experiencing energy crashes? Feeling tired or exhausted throughout the day? It might be time to swap your morning cup of coffee or mid-afternoon caffeine fix with a more natural remedy. Adaptogenic herbs are a great solution to defeating the mid-afternoon slump and a wonderful source of energy. Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions have been using adaptogens to help individuals manage stress and bring balance to the body. Incorporating adaptogens and specific herbs into your wellness routine can result in more energy, less fatigue and a happier state of mind. 

5 Energizing Adaptogens and Herbs

1. Korean Ginseng 
Found in Qi Alchemy Pearls, Korean ginseng is a popular adaptogen for its energizing properties. Studies have found ginseng helps with alertness and improves cognitive function, such as concentration and memory. In addition, athletes have taken ginseng to enhance strength and endurance. Not only is ginseng known for its energizing qualities but also for its ability to boost the immune system. Ginseng is a terrific herb to increase energy and help your body fight off diseases. 

2. Rhodiola 
Rhodiola is an adaptogen used to regulate serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine activity. The herb is used to balance these neurotransmitters for healthy emotional and neurological functioning. Furthermore, depression, anxiety, stress and chronic fatigue are also treated with rhodiola. This adaptogen is great for boosting your energy and mood. 

3. Cordyceps 
Start the morning with cordyceps and you will surely feel energized. Athletes consuming cordyceps claim to notice better endurance and stamina. Before exercising, cordyceps are great as your go-to and will supply you with energy to last your entire workout. This mushroom is known for its vitalizing properties and has been used in Ancient Chinese medicine to also boost the immune system and fight health issues including asthma, depression and fatigue. 

4. Lion’s Mane
An additional energizing mushroom is Lion’s Mane and it is often taken to boost brain power. Lion’s Mane is able to help with the production of nerve tissues and brain cells, leading to improved brain health. Studies have found Lion’s Mane to help increase cognitive function including memory and attention. Additional research has found this adaptogenic mushroom may help prevent against diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzehimer’s disease. 

5. Maca 
This Peruvian plant has been farmed for years in the Andes Mountains. Recent studies claim Maca to help improve mood and increase energy as well as libido for women. This adaptogen also contains potassium, calcium and B vitamins. Maca in the form of powder is great to add to smoothies and oatmeal. 


Written by Grace Maeda

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