Is K-Wellness the New K-Beauty?

Korean Wellness

Many people find out the hard way that their guts are in disarray. Supplements, concoctions, probiotics and herbs claiming to “heal the gut” litter our Instagram feeds and favorite wellness blogs. But, why are our guts so salty to begin with? It turns out our dietary habits and beloved multi-vitamins may be partly to blame.

It’s fairly well-documented that the average American is nutrient-deficient. Many of the foods we consume - even the good, green stuff like fruits and veggies - have lost their vital mineral content thanks to soil depletion. And, if you think your favorite gummy vitamin can pick up the slack, think again. The average vitamin supplement is poorly absorbed by your body and contains artificial fillers or added sweeteners.

So, what’s a gut-challenged guy or gal to do? Our search for answers led us to K-Wellness (or, Korean Wellness) and Qi. While these concepts are just now burgeoning in the West, they’re well-established, respected traditions in the East. Korean Wellness is all about achieving Qi, or comprehensive equilibrium, inside and out. That’s good news for the gut and the rest of the body, too.

We sat down with Grace Yoon, K-Wellness certified expert and founder of Qi Alchemy to learn more about their products and to better understand Qi as a philosophy and lifestyle. Qi Alchemy offers three variations of Herbal Pearls - adaptogenic super herbs designed to support the immune system, soothe inflammation and restore the gut to its former health. And we must mention Grace looks so vibrant and glowing, whatever she’s doing we want in.

Organic Authority: What is K-Wellness? 

Grace Yoon: Korean Wellness (K-Wellness) has its roots in the concept of Qi — an ancient Eastern practice in achieving overall wellness and balance in your life. Koreans are always striving to achieve Qi which can be attained in many forms in traditional Korean medicine but also utilizes skincare, diet, herbal remedies, exercise, and sleep.

OA: How does K-wellness differ from K-beauty?

GY: K-beauty focuses on skincare and promotes beauty products like sheet masks, BB creams, and cushion packs. Koreans are known for their flawless skin and religiously practice ways to maintain great skin. K-wellness is wellness and beauty from the inside out. Longevity and vitality coming naturally when your body is in a state of harmony, so Koreans constantly take natural herbal remedies like Qi Alchemy herbal pearls before taking any synthetic medicine.

OA: What is the basis of K-wellness?

GY: Mind, body, and spirit are the basis of K-Wellness. Rooted in ancient Korean wisdom, K-Wellness utilizes herbal remedies, skin care, exercise, and sleep.

OA: You founded Qi Alchemy - is Qi Alchemy part of a K-wellness regimen?

GY: Yes. Part of the K-Wellness regimen is taking herbal remedies to elevate your body and reduce stress levels.

OA: Can you tell us more about QiAlchemy and the benefits?

GY: Qi Alchemy herbal pearls have 22 adaptogenic super herbs such as ginger, licorice root, and ginseng blended into one pearl. The herbal pearls help normalize cortisol levels reducing stress levels while enhancing energy and toning your digestive tract.

Written by Mireya Rios

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