Living a Happy, Healthy and Balanced Life

Being present in the moment is the foundation to a happy, healthy and balanced life. It’s also  something most of us are constantly reminding ourselves. We all know living in the moment is important but it’s difficult when we’re constantly thinking about work and family obligations or our future plans. Often we also dwell on the past, thinking about what we should have done differently or what we wish we could change. We can’t change the past and we can only patiently wait for the future. Coming back to the present moment can help bring a sense of calm in our busy lives. Cultivating awareness of both our emotions and bodies can strengthen our relationships with ourselves and others, help our overall health and create more happiness in our lives. Qi Alchemy has a few tips to share to live a happy, healthy and balanced life.

It Feels Great to be Grateful

By showing gratitude and appreciation, we bring ourselves back to the present moment. Being thankful for small things that are happening right now can remind us of the happiness and joy that can be seen all around us. It can be as simple as being thankful for your morning coffee or someone holding the door open. Being grateful for our health and bodies is also important. The human body is incredible and is something we should be thankful for. In addition, our relationships with friends and family become stronger when we show appreciation to our loved ones. Taking time each day to be grateful for the small and large moments can make a significant impact on our happiness. A great start can be as simple as writing down five things you’re grateful for each day. 

Accepting What Is 

We can’t change the past so try not to sweat the small things that have already happened. It’s easier said than done but similarly, try not to worry too much about the future. We can only accept what is happening in our lives at this current moment. A part of accepting our lives is to avoid comparing ourselves to others. This might mean taking a break from social media and technology to avoid judging our lives relative to those of our peers. It all goes back to being grateful and appreciative of the life you possess. We each have our own wonderful qualities that make us unique and the power to make the most of our lives. 


To help create a balanced life, meditation is a great mind exercise to practice. There are both mental and physical benefits of incorporating meditation into your daily life. According to a study conducted at Johns Hopkins, those who practiced mindfulness meditation had lower levels of depression, anxiety and pain. In addition, meditation can help reduce high blood pressure, alleviate tension-related pain and increase serotonin in the brain, improving mood and energy. Taking time each day to focus on the quality and rhythm of your breath can be extremely therapeutic and a great opportunity for inner reflection. 

Treating Body With Self Care and Love 

To live a happy, healthy and balanced life, you need to love yourself. Give yourself permission to be a little selfish and allow yourself a few moments each day for self care. We wouldn’t be able to love and support our friends and family if we’re feeling depleted. Therefore treat your body with the care and respect it deserves. Start with getting at least eight hours of sleep each night. Sleep is a crucial component to a healthy body as well as happier mood. Exercise and a nutritious diet are also important ingredients in creating a balanced lifestyle. In a study published by the Harvard Medical School, just 15 minutes of physical activity lowers the risk of depression. Similarly, taking care of your body reaps many benefits. Along with exercise and eating a healthy diet, taking herbal supplements are a great addition to your self care routine. Using herbal supplements to decrease stress and boost the immune system are incredible steps towards better health. Many research studies are also examining the link between gut-health and the brain. The ingredients in Qi Alchemy’s Pearls work to help the microbiome while also boosting the immune system and lowering stress. So if you’re in need of a little self care, taking a vile of the Pearls each morning is a great step to a happy, healthy and balanced life -  and we’re here for you each step of the way!

Written by Grace Maeda

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