Top 5 Herbal Remedies That Can Benefit Your Mental Well-Being

Mental health is becoming a big public health concern. In fact, a survey by the CDC reported that 31% of Americans are experiencing symptoms including anxiety or depression, while 26% admitted that they experienced have trauma or stressor-related disorders. The mental and emotional well-being of Americans has taken a hit in the past few years, which is why it’s more important than ever to discuss how individuals can get better.

Fortunately, there are natural solutions to getting a mental wellness boost. One of those is herbal teas, which you can read about below:

The Link Between Herbal Teas and Better Mental Well-Being

Nutrition is often overlooked as a crucial factor in well-being. While nutrition is often linked to better physical health, an article on the ‘Future of Psychology’ by Maryville University highlights that psychology professionals are starting to see the link between mental well-being and nutrition. In fact, researchers are starting to discover that your consumption of food and vitamins can have huge impacts on your mental state.

With scientists seeing the link between food compounds and better mental well-being, health experts are looking into the effects of tea in particular. After discovering that tea can improve brain function, the chair of the department of psychiatry and psychotherapy at the University of Lübeck stated that the compounds of tea can have positive mental effects. Studies have shown that regular tea consumers have better mental well-being, making herbal tea a promising remedy for mental health.

5 Herbal Remedies that can Enhance Your Mental Wellness

Ginseng Tea

This herbal remedy has been used in Chinese and Korean medicine for a good reason. Ginseng is believed to be effective in reducing stress and boosting your mental clarity, thus relieving common depressive symptoms. It is also believed that the neuroprotective effects of ginseng can prevent the onset of depression itself.

Mugwort Tea

Mugwort has been used in Korean culture since ancient times because of its mental and physical health benefits. Our article entitled ‘The Foraging Series: Mugwort’ highlights how mugwort tea can boost your mental well-being by calming your nerves and helping you sleep. As such, it’s a great bedtime tea for individuals who want to sleep away their stress.

Lavender Tea

Lavender tea is a well-known herbal remedy for sleep. But aside from improving your sleep quality, the compounds in lavender tea can stimulate good brain activity and influence the transmission of your brain cell impulses. A cup of lavender tea can definitely boost your mood and calm you down.

Bryophyllum Tea

Bryophyllum tea may not be the most popular herbal remedy, but it’s one of the most well-documented remedies for mental health. A study on herbal medicine by University of Zurich researchers stated that individuals experienced better sleep quality upon drinking this herbal remedy. As such, it’s no surprise that it’s being used to treat stress, mood disorders, anxiety, and even depression.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is well-known for its effectiveness in soothing stress. However, studies have also shown that chamomile tea is a good supplemental remedy for anxiety. Due to its relaxing scent and relieving compounds, chamomile tea can soothe anxiety and even anxiety-related sleep difficulties.

Herbal remedies can nourish your mind and body. Maximize their mental wellness effects, and look for your perfect tea today!

Written by Alysha Coghill
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