What is Qi Alchemy?

Qi Alchemy are adaptogenic super herbs that are active compounds from plants to nourish the gut and tonify the digestive tract, reducing inflammation, relieving muscle tension and stress, as well as strengthening your immune system.


Qi, the foundation of Traditional Eastern Medicine, is an ancient healing method based on facilitating a harmonious and vital life. Dating back 3000 BC, this ancient Korean practice, that encompasses acupuncture, meditation and herbal remedies, has proven to be effective in utilizing the body's natural healing process to restore and rejuvenate various health conditions.

Herbs have played a major part in every medicinal culture around the world for thousands of years. While the benefits of herbal remedies are vast, there are thousands of herbs to choose from—so we have simplified the process for you. Herbal Pearls are infused with the finest herbal ingredients from South Korea that reduce stress and anxiety and balance your Qi.



The majority of Americans today are not getting adequate nutrients, resulting in a plethora of health deficiencies and ailments. In addition, the foods we consume are low in nutritional value - for example, fruits and vegetables lose mineral content over time due to soil depletion, and many vitamin supplements contain artificial fillers and are poorly absorbed by the body.

When our bodies are under stress, our cells go through change. Nerve cells activate, causing disproportionate levels of magnesium and calcium at a cellular level. This prevents blood from flowing freely, disrupting our Qi.



Qi Alchemy's Herbal Pearls alleviate stress and muscle tension and restore balance in your gut. Our unique blend of organic herbs nourish the gut and tonify the digestive tract by using active compounds. 

The good news: Our bodies know exactly how to create this balance when they have the right amount of nutrients available. Our bodies were designed to obtain the nutrients we need from the food we eat, but sadly, most of us don't consume the right amount of nutrients from our food to reduce our stress levels. That's where Herbal Pearls come in.


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