5 Amazing Ways to Use Grated Ginger

Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and enzymes, ginger is an integral ingredient in Qi Alchemy Herbal Pearls. The adaptogenic herb supports the immune system, is linked to lowering inflammation, and is often used as a digestive aid. And what makes the ginger even more impressive, is its ability to be incorporated into various everyday recipes and uses. For an easy nutritional boost, here are five convenient ways to use grated ginger. 

Sip on Herbal Ginger Tea 

For an anti-inflammatory remedy, make an easy cinnamon ginger tea. Both of these two ingredients contain loads of health benefits, including antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Grated or sliced ginger works in this recipe. Grated ginger can also be easily incorporated with various types of herbal tea and supplements. Create the ultimate health elixir by adding grated ginger into a hot cup of water with Qi Alchemy Pearls.


Season Stir-fries 

Grated ginger is often an important element in stir-fries because of its flavor, adding a fresh taste as well as a kick of spice. Just like ginger, stir-fries are versatile and great year-round. With a pot of seasonal vegetables and choice of protein, add grated ginger while cooking to bring out the flavors of the produce. Then, add grated ginger as a delicious garnish to complete the dish. 


Create a Healing Korean Porridge 

Make a nourishing digestive remedy by incorporating grated ginger into Korean porridge. Being creamy and gentle to digest, savory rice porridge is extremely popular in Korean culture. It is often made for babies and people with gastro-intestinal issues. With an upset stomach, combine ginger to rice porridge to help soothe and alleviate digestive discomfort. As the perfect comfort dish, adding grated ginger will enhance the warm bowl that is already full of healing properties. 


Upgrade Soups, Broths and Curries

Add grated or sliced ginger to boost the taste and nutritional benefits of soups, broths, and curries. Ginger creates a fresh and spicy flavor in soups, broths, including bone broth, and also curries. Recipe developer and blogger, Remy Morimoto Park has a delicious coconut curry recipe that showcases this superherb. 


Elevate Dressings 

This nutritious Ginger Tofu dressing includes some of the popular ingredients in Asian cuisines. Both providing health benefits, ginger and tofu are used in many Asian recipes. While ginger brings freshness and spice to this dressing, the silken tofu provides a valuable source of plant protein, as well as iron and calcium. Blend the ingredients is this recipe for a creamy, vegan dressing that can be served on salads or as a dipping sauce. Aside from this recipe, it is easy to include grated ginger into any dressing for delicious flavoring and additional health benefits.


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